Cascara, also known as “husk,” “peel,” or “skin” in Spanish, is the dried outer layer of coffee cherries and meets somewhere in between coffee and tea. We are starting to see some applications of cascara such as infusions, sodas, muesli bars and even flour.

We developed our own method to select and dry the best cherry skins of the coffee to create a new and delicious product that combines all coffee properties but without its flavor and with lower caffeine content; cascara can be used in infusions and cold brew.

At the farm, Cascara requires the same attention to detail in processing as specialty coffee, and there is a range of quality too. Coffee cherries that have been grown, picked, produced and dried will be transformed to specialty coffee and Coffee Cascara.

Producing a natural processed coffee is not easy in Colombia, and especially in Nariño; The climatic conditions and the hard work required make it a very rare product.

The whole coffee cherries are dried, on raised beds or into cement patios, and once they reach the ideal moisture level, that could take from 4-6 weeks, their entire hulls are removed mechanically to get the green coffee seed. This extended contact between seed and fruit results in a much fruitier coffee; Coffees produced through these methods will have interesting and unusual flavour profiles with a heavier mouthfeel and more body, while also displaying less acidity. They are also friendlier for the environment, as there is less waste produced once the final product is created.

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