The Field Barista Project is a way to strengthen relations. It creates connections between producers and all other people immersed in the specialty coffee world: baristas, roasters, bloggers, managers and coffee lovers. This allows us to understand the coffee market and at the same time the final customer will receive detailed and first hand information about the whole process.

In this way we achieve an extraordinary experience for both visitors and farmers and uniting the world of coffee from its origin to the cup through hard work.


In June 2016 we started the Field Barista Project with Aukje, Janneke and Kuba from Holland and Rebecca from Scotland.

Photo By Aukje

2017 – I

In 2017 we had two groups of the Field Barista Project; the first one in early June we recived Dani from Romania, Frank from Holland and Valentino from Czhec Republic.

2017 – II

The second group of 2017 was composed by the guys from White Label Coffee from Amsterdam, Holland: Elmer, Francesco, Bram, Barry; our Importer from This Side Up Lennart; Jasmina, Floortje and Claudia.


In 2018 Jelle Van Rossum from SHOKUNIN COFFEE, Jeroen Brugman from IKIGAI COFFEE and This Side Up and Maarten Van Keulen from THE CIRCULAR COFFEE FUND and This Side Up visited us.

2019 – I

For the first time we received the visit of farmers from other countries, this time from Tanzania Rebecca and her family from ARANGA SPECIALTY COFFEE GROUP

2019 – II

In the second group, Jelle came back with Jiske De Haan from SCHOT KOFFIE

2019 – III

In the third group we had Ardy Brood from DENF COFFEE, Ralf Battenberg from DAFEINE, Pascal André a coffee enthusiastic from Belgium and Ana Restrepo a Colombian Coffee farmer from CAFÉ TRILLADOR In Sevilla, Valle

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