We create relationships with small producers to whom we give the best price for their high quality coffee.  These producers are not only rewarded by an increased income but also with the recognition from the final consumers. This pride attributes to a bigger sense of responsibility for the quality as well.  Equally, we hope that this direct and transparent way of working creates as sense of pride and responsibility of the roasters we can pass this feeling on to consumers.

Development and maintenance of coffee quality is a key factor to achieve sustainability and to strengthen bonds  between producers and final customers.


Lasso & Hijos SAS, and its brand Argote Specialty Coffee was founded in December of 2014 with the mission of exporting specialty coffee of unique origin and with complete traceability, generating long-term relationships and a vertical integration with all sectors of the production chain of coffee, always providing the best quality controlling all processes.

This mission and the need of  social impact the region, prompted Lasso & Hijos SAS  founders Juan Pablo Lasso Argote, second son of Lasso Argote family, and Efraín Lasso, head of the family, to improve productive processes in their family farm and neighboring plantations to achieve a better position of Genovian coffee in the specialty coffee world.


Being small-scale producers, 90% of the coffee farmers’ income depends on a single annual harvest. Hence, we encourage farmers to completely process their own coffee. By processing the coffee themselves more added-value is created at farm level, significantly increasing farmer income. This further adds to the sense of responsibility to pay attention to the smallest details which elevate the coffee quality.


We are constantly improving and adapting our processes to meet the specialty coffee market requirements. Collaborating with other producers, baristas and roasters allows us to identify new trends and needs.
We do not shy away from experimenting in harvesting techniques, wet milling and the drying process. This has proved to increase our coffee quality each harvest.

Photo By Aukje

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