We are producers and direct exporters, interested in creating long-term relationships for the benefit of both, small farmers of Genova Nariño Colombia and our customers.

Nariño region has a great international reputation In the specialty coffee world. The microclimate and volcanic soils provide essential, yet, unique conditions to produce one of the most delicate cups of Colombian coffee.

Our hometown, Genova, is located in the Northern part of Nariño. This town of 2000 smallholder coffee farmers is pitched between the Central and Oriental mountain ranges at altitudes of 1950 meters above sea level.

Our vision is to make the town of Genova well known in the specialty coffee market, and position it as one of the best in the world. Through our unique position as small producers as well as direct exporters, we are able to listen to the needs at both sides of the supply chain. We listen to both the quality demands of coffee roasters as well as the strive for fair economic recognition of the coffee producers.

We are farmers and direct exporters that works with roasters and coffee shops to get the best quality possible. Next we introduce you the guys that trust us and help us to achieve our objectives.

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